Design and Install

Our design and installation service provides you with a further on-site consultation to discuss dimensions and position of the tank. We will advise you on what is best for types of fish and recommend a cleaning and servicing schedule that will be needed to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. We also offer tank filters, aquarium lamps, pumps, heaters, decorations, necessary water supplies and any requested aquatic life.

Tank weight and location
As part of the on-site visit, we also advise on weight of the final tank and also other possible locations if the original one chosen may not be suitable. If any further requirements are needed to host the weight of the tank, we will assist you on implementing these changes. In most cases, this is not necessary as it is more needed for larger bespoke Aquariums.

When installing your custom aquarium there is no need to worry. We can also meet with your contractor and/or your interior designers to make sure that you aquarium meets the exact specification and location requirements.

The Aquamarine Centre - Tank Diagram