We specialize in all aspects of maintenance to ensure professional fish keeping including the installation and maintenance of Freshwater Tropical, Saltwater Marine and Cold Water Aquariums in your home or office environment.

We also offer a full line of fish supplies and nutritional products and can source your fish and livestock specifically to your order.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • Cleaning all algae from the glass inside
  • Checking the health of all aquatic life
  • Testing the water
  • Adding chemicals needed to maintain fish health
  • Changing and replacing the filter cartridge
  • Bleaching dirty corals (only artificial), decorations, and filter cartridges (off site)
  • Changing the water (as and when required)
  • Cleaning the protein skimmer (as and when required)
  • Filling auto feeder
  • Dusting the cabinet
  • Polishing the glass on the outside
  • Stirring up gravel
  • Topping off water level
  • Fixing fallen corals or plants (if needed)